Cooling Tower & Chiller Plant :
we are manufacturer and providing services
all over in India, East Asia, Africa and Gulf Countries.


We undertake detailed study of cooling tower at site and carryout effective rectification / modification for improving the performance of existing cooling tower. We also undertake turnkey job and guarantee the performance.

We convert the gear driven cooling tower fan up to 2400 mm dia to direct driven unit for easy maintenance free operation. This system avoids the alignment of shaft assembly and oil level checking involved in gear driven unit. Also efficiency of direct driven fan unit is much better than gear driven unit and power requirement is much less. Moreover the maintenance spare requirement is reduced since the fan is directly coupled with the motor.

We redesign and convert existing cross flow cooling tower into counter flow cooling tower without any civil structure modification. Such modification can be done cell by cell in a multicell construction cooling tower without affecting the normal operation of the plant. We guarantee to improve system efficiency by decreasing the cold water temperature at minimum investment.

Pay back period for cooling tower conversion from cross flow to counter flow is low. By modifying the tower we can achive the following .

1. Low Cold Water Temperature

2. Higher Circulating Water Quantity

3. Higher Temperature Drop

4. Low Power Consumption

5. Lower Pumping Head

5. Better Structure Stability

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