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What is a Cooling Towers ?

Cooling Tower is a device in which heat in the water stream is rejected to the atmosphere on the basis of evaporation. More evaporation is induced by external air force by mean of powered fan. By mixing of warm water with cooled air release the latent heat causing cooling effects to the water. The heat generated in the process industries such a power plant, steel mills, fertilizer plant, Sugar mills, chemical processing, and many other manufacturing companies is cooled down commonly by equipping cooling tower. Cooling Tower is used for refrigeration and air conditioning invariably in commercial building like mall, office complex, hospitals, airports, hotels, etc.

Welcome to Wetbulb Cooling Towers

wetbulb Cooling Tower is an important equipment in your plant, which optimizes the process and ensures the best production yield. Major industries such as electricity generating, petroleum refining, chemical processing, sugar, air-conditioning and refrigeration, steel and so on use a vast assortment of Cooling Towers.

Wetbulb Cooling Towers is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and has accepted the challenge of keeping abreast with evolving technologies of the new millennium for meeting customers needs.

Wetbulb Cooling Towers, Offers Cooling Tower like Treated Timber Cooling Towers, FRP Cooling Towers, Pultruded FRP Cooling Towers and RCC Cooling Towers for various industrial application. Request Cooling Towers price quotes.

Established in 1993, Wetbulb Cooling Towers is today a reputed Industrial Cooling Tower Manufacturing company in our country. We are spreading our wings to East Asia, Africa and Gulf Countries.

Turnkey Projects: Besides Cooling Tower, we are specialist in Excuting Cooling Water System which includes Pulp House, Piping with Valves, Electrical Controls and Cabling on Turnkey basis for Power Plants and Steel Plants.